Generating an Access Token

The polaris command line tool needs a token to authorize to the Coverity on Polaris platform. Tokens are generated for specific users using the Coverity on Polaris browser interface.

You can create as many tokens as you want. The most important thing to remember is to copy the token after it’s returned to you. While the token will be visible immediately after it is created, Coverity on Polaris will never again display the token thereafter.

  1. At the top of the left menu in Coverity on Polaris, click your own name.
  2. Click Access Tokens.
  3. Click the + Create new token button.
  4. Supply a name in the Token name name filed and click Save.
    For example, you might use the name of the build server.
  5. A token is returned to you.
  6. Copy the new access token to a secure location; when you refresh the window, the token will no longer be displayed. For security reasons, tokens are not stored.

    When you start issuing polaris commands, you will be prompted to supply this token. After you provide the token, the token is stored in your operating system's login keychain. When you invoke polaris next, it uses the stored token and does not prompt you again.