Tool and Client Support

Note: This platform is renamed Coverity on Polaris. Unless otherwise specified, references to Polaris or Polaris Software Integrity Platform in this documentation are referring to Coverity on Polaris.

These are the supported versions for tools and clients downloadable from the Coverity on Polaris server.

Coverity Supported Versions

Tool Version Comments
Coverity 2022.12.0 Recommended
Coverity 2022.9.2
Coverity 2022.9.0 Deprecated
Coverity 2022.6.1
Coverity 2022.6.0
Coverity 2022.3.4 Deprecated
Note: Support for Coverity 2021.12.3 has ended.

Code Sight Supported Versions

Use the latest version of Code Sight available.

CLI Scan Client Supported Versions

Versions supported with this release of Coverity on Polaris:
  • 2022.12.0 (Recommended)
  • 2022.9.0
  • 2022.6.0
  • 2022.3.1 (Deprecated)
Note: Support for CLI Scan Client 2021.12.1 has ended.
Note: The CLI Scan Client versioning has changed to the Synopsys standard convention of four digit year, month and revision/patch number starting at 0 (yyyy.m.r).