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Note: This platform is renamed Coverity on Polaris. Unless otherwise specified, references to Polaris or Polaris Software Integrity Platform in this documentation are referring to Coverity on Polaris.

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The best place to start is the Coverity on Polaris Community page.

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Getting Started

Peruse starter courses and tutorials by role: developer, admin, DevOps, and security professional.


Understand how Polaris works and learn the basics of setting up and using it, in these tutorials.


  • Introduction: Getting to Know the Polaris Software Integrity Platform
  • Overview and Architecture


  • Managing and Viewing Projects
  • Navigating the Interface [Video]
  • Navigating the Admin Interface [Video]
  • Accessing the Platform and your Projects
  • Polaris Email Notifications

Best Practices

  • Managing Users and Groups [Video]
  • Your First Analysis with Polaris
  • Point and Scan Quick Start for Polaris users
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Polaris PDF documentation

Includes the following documentation:

  • Web Help
  • Release Notes
  • Coverity Options Available on Polaris
Coverity PDF documentation

All Coverity documentation, including the following:

  • Coverity Analysis User and Administrator Guide
  • Coverity Checker Reference
  • Coverity Command Reference

Polaris Courses

  • Getting to Know the Polaris Software Integrity Platform
  • Navigating the Interface
  • See courses by role for:
    • Developer
    • Admin
    • DevOps
    • Security Professional
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