Administration Overview

Note: This platform is renamed Coverity on Polaris. Unless otherwise specified, references to Polaris or Polaris Software Integrity Platform in this documentation are referring to Coverity on Polaris.

A successful deployment of Coverity on Polaris needs an administrator, someone who is responsible for configuring Coverity on Polaris. The administrator manages users and groups and configures projects so that results get sent to Coverity on Polaris.

Developers and managers use Coverity on Polaris to view and triage issues. The administrator configures Coverity on Polaris for the rest of the team. Administration is divided into two main responsibilities:

  1. The administrator either manages users and groups locally, or configures Coverity on Polaris so that it defers to a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IDP) for user and group information.
  2. The administrator configures each project so that testing and analysis results for that project are aggregated in Coverity on Polaris. The configuration performed depends on the tool being used.

The organizational administrator can assign a user the application manager role to assist with project management and creation and management of applications.