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This platform is renamed Coverity on Polaris. Unless otherwise specified, references to Polaris or Polaris Software Integrity Platform in this documentation are referring to Coverity on Polaris.
What Coverity on Polaris does and how it works with other tools.
Use the web interface to examine and manage issues in your project.
Control access. Manage users, groups, and roles. Configure Coverity or Jira on Coverity on Polaris.
Run tools from the command line. Configure for the command line. Use sample YAML files.
Get started. Use the API reference documentation. Find out how to do common tasks with the API.
Bring the power of Coverity on Polaris to Azure DevOps and Jenkins.
Everything that's new.
Supported browsers. Supported hardware and languages for Coverity on Polaris. Supported SCM.
How to get started on Coverity on Polaris. Courses for developers, admins, DevOps, and security professionals. PDF documentation for Coverity and Coverity on Polaris. And more.