Getting Started

Here is information to help you quickly get started using Code Sight.

1. If necessary, prepare the configuration

The system administrator might need to do some preparation before Code Sight can run its tools successfully and efficiently.

See Setup Considerations.

2. Install Code Sight on your own system

If you need to, install Code Sight into your integrated development environment (IDE).

See the installation guide for the IDE that you use.

3. Choose a tool to run

The first time that Code Sight runs, it prompts you to choose which Synopsys tool to install first. (If a tool is already installed, Code Sight skips ahead to the next step.)

4. Authenticate yourself

Certain tools require authentication. To authenticate one of these, first enter your ID and the URL of the server with which the Synopsys tool will communicate. Code Sight then prompts you to enter your password.

If your credentials are accepted and the tool is already installed, then Code Sight is ready to run.

If the tool you chose is not yet installed, Code Sight automatically downloads the tool from the server and then installs it.

Note: The Detect component of Black Duck installs quickly. The download of Coverity Analysis can take some time.

For more information, see Authentication.

5. Start using Code Sight

See How Do I Use Code Sight? for more information.

Getting Help

If you need assistance, please open a Support case by logging in to the Synopsys Software Integrity Community site at