To install the extension

You can install the Code Sight extension for Visual Studio Code via the Web.

Make sure you have installed Visual Studio Code, along with a code project to analyze.

Attention: The steps to install Code Sight as an extension to Visual Studio Code are not the same as the steps to install the Code Sight extension within Microsoft Visual Studio.
  1. Start Visual Studio Code.
  2. Extensions button for Visual Studio Code In the activity bar at the left of the VS Code window, click the Extensions button.
  3. In the side bar > EXTENSIONS view, enter synopsys in the search field to locate Synopsys plug-ins.
    Figure 1. Extensions and Updates dialog: Visual Studio Marketplace
    Extensions and Updates: Marketplace section
    Tip: You can also find the Code Sight extension by searching the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, The direct link to the Marketplace page for Code Sight is
  4. Click the Synopsys Code Sight entry to highlight it, and then click Install.

    The VSIX installer installs the extension.

  5. In the left-hand sidebar, click the icon with the Synopsys logo to see the Code Sight controls and begin scanning your code.