Specifying custom build tools

To use build tools that differ from the standard tools used by your development environment, specify these with a cov_run_desktop object in the coverity.conf file.

Here is a sample configuration file that contains a cov_run_desktop object:

    "type": "Coverity configuration",
    "format_version": 1,
    "format_minor_version": 7,
    "settings": {
        "cov_run_desktop": {
            "build_cmd": ["make", "all"],
            "clean_cmd": ["make", "clean"]
        "ide": {
            "build_strategy": "CUSTOM"

This particular sample configuration sets up a project that uses the make build system. In your own file, you would replace the "build_cmd" and "clean_cmd" values with the names of the build and clean commands that your project actually uses.

For example, to use Apache Maven as your build tool, the "cov_run_desktop" fields would look like this:

        "cov_run_desktop": {
            "build_cmd": ["mvn", "compile"],
            "clean_cmd": ["mvn", "clean"]

Don’t forget: In the "ide" object, you must set "build_strategy" to equal "CUSTOM". If this field is missing, or is set to a different value, Code Sight does not recognize the custom settings, or use the alternative tools you specified.